Companies, Citizens, Schools, Communities… Join the movement !

The Cyber World CleanUp Day (Cyber WCUD) allows anyone to organise a Data CleanUp or Second Life operation for Digital Equipment. Citizens, companies, organisations, schools, communities, everyone can organise their own operation and form a team capable of taking up the challenge!

You can organise your Cyber CleanUp between 14 and 19 March inclusive and create your account to access all the tools and help you prepare your event. The Cyber World CleanUp day is accessible to all and completely free. Through your account you will have access to a set of tools, provided for free by our team of volunteers.

What does it mean to organise a Cyber CleanUp?

A Cyber CleanUp is a face-to-face and/or remote event aimed at bringing people together to raise awareness of digital responsibility through data cleansing or for a second life for digital equipment.

4 key phases detailed in the step-by-step guide accessible from your account:

  • Giving instructions and advice on how to participate in the operation
  • Raising awareness by including information to be submitted for the report
  • Clean up the data and/or offer a second life to the digital equipment
  • Report on the operation


Your event can be private, public or secret, i.e. open to all or only reserved for the employees of an organising company for example.

2 categories of Cyber CleanUp

Cyber CleanUp Data

Organise a collaborative online data cleaning session – using our guides for each type of device, software or application. type of device, software or application. What do you clean up? Your emails, files, documents, photos, videos stored on your computer, drive, phone and social networks.

Cyber CleanUp Equipment

Organise a collection area for functional and non-functional equipment (WEEE) to give digital equipment a second life – using our guides to sort the collected equipment. What do we collect? Functional but unused smartphones, laptops, tablets for a second life or no longer working (WEEE) for recycling.

How to organise your own event?

  • You create an account via this link,
  • you fill in the form to reference your event,
  • you access all the resources and advice for organising your Cyber Clean Up in person or remotely
  • And off you go!

Through your account you can access a set of tools, provided free of charge by our team of volunteers. To maximise the impact of your event, we recommend that you organise an awareness session for your participants.

The tools available to you from your account :

  • To guide you in the organisation of your Cyber CleanUp
  • Webinars to answer your questions as an organiser or future organiser
  • Educational kits to support you during your operation
  • To communicate on your Cyber CleanUp
  • To animate your Cyber CleanUp and raise awareness among your participants
  • To evaluate your Cyber CleanUp
  • An instant messenger to exchange with volunteers and other organisers
  • To train you in digital responsibility to go further

How to raise awareness at your event?

Do you want to learn the basics of digital responsibility? We offer you the solution with INR and its online content. Cleaning up is good, becoming aware to change our practices is better!

To do this, you have two choices:

  • Each organiser can take 30 minutes to learn about the key elements and figures of digital responsibility thanks to the online training courses beforehand to pass on good practices to their participants. A more comprehensive format is also available. Access INR’s MOOC training courses to find out more.
  • Consult the directory of facilitators if you wish to entrust this mission to a responsible digital expert.

Whether you are in France, Belgium or Switzerland, create your operation here and everywhere else in the world.