Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find below the answers to the different questions you have about the Cyber World CleanUp Day.

What is the Cyber World CleanUp Day ?

Cyber World CleanUp Day is a day to raise awareness about the environmental footprint of digital technology through action, which will take place on 19 March 2022, and the week leading up to that date. An opportunity to clean up your digital data (office files, smartphones, emails, social networks) and give a second life to your equipment, functional or not.

What is the objective of the Cyber World CleanUp Day ?

The objective of Cyber World CleanUp Day is to create the conditions for a global awareness of the environmental impact of digital technology for the preservation of our environment and biodiversity while taking concrete action by cleaning up one’s data and/or offering a second life to all one’s digital equipment that is sleeping in drawers.

When does Cyber World CleanUp Day take place ?

Cyber World CleanUp Day takes place every year on the third Saturday of March.

However, we have chosen to propose actions between 14 and 19 March 2022 so that as many people as possible can participate and organisations can also get involved.

This day is a tool to raise awareness. The actions of cleaning up and especially maintaining a clean digital environment must be carried out continuously all year round.

Who can participate ?

Everyone. Whether you are: a company, a school, a community, an association, a citizen, you can carry the message. The more people we are, the greater the impact.

How to participate ?

You can :

  • Organise a Cyber CleanUp Data or Equipment during the period from 14 to 19 March 2022, however you will need to create an account to access the practical documents (step by step guides…).
  • Participate by joining an existing Cyber CleanUp Data or Equipment via the Cyber CleanUp map and/or directory. You will be accompanied by an organiser.
  • Become an ambassador to be the local relay all year round of the national Cyber World CleanUp Day. You will be able to answer questions for future CyberCleanUp organisers. A phone call or an email and that’s it! Fill in this form, we will contact you as soon as possible
I want to organise an event, what should I do ?

Create your Cyber WCUD account and log in. All the documents necessary for the success of the action (organising, running, communicating, raising awareness) are made available to you in this space. On your account, you can also reference your Cyber CleanUps.

We advise you to join one or other of the two associations co-sponsoring this project in order to benefit from the insurance.

Why should I join ?

Joining World Cleanup Day  and/or the Institute for Sustainable IT (In France, Belgium or Switzerland) allows you to support the projects led by these two organisations and to enhance your commitment.

Become a sponsor ?

Financial, skills or in-kind donations are an important part of our campaign to meet the great logistical challenge of the operation.

Your donation to World Cleanup Day – France is eligible for a tax reduction as it meets the general conditions set out in articles 200 and 238 bis of the French General Tax Code.


What is a Cyber CleanUp Data ?

This is a Cyber World CleanUp Day event where participants clean up their data stored on devices and drives to sort out and free up space.

Concerning the formula for calculating the conversion of GO to CO2

Until 2022, the results were based on the ADEME sources (“En route vers la sobriété numérique” – Nov 2021) whose figures are as follows
In 2022, there is a new calculator developed by the Cyber WCUD team :

What data do I need to bring up to calculate my balance sheet?

Number of deleted emails
Total weight of deleted emails
Number of social media posts deleted
Number of files deleted on a cloud
Total weight of files deleted on a cloud
Number of files deleted on a fixed computer
Total weight of files deleted on a fixed computer
Number of files deleted on laptop
Total weight of files deleted on laptop
Number of applications cleaned or deleted on my smartphone
Total weight of deleted files on smartphone
Number of applications cleaned or deleted on my tablet
Total weight of deleted files on tablet


What is a Cyber CleanUp Equipment?

An event on the occasion of Cyber World CleanUp Day to collect digital equipment in order to give it a second life by reconditioning functional digital equipment and/or recycling obsolete or defective digital equipment (WEEE).

What data do I need to bring up to calculate my balance sheet?

Number of functional desktops collected
Number of non-functional desktops collected
Number of functional laptops collected
Number of non-functional laptops collected
Number of functional tablets collected
Number of non-functional tablets collected
Number of functional smartphones collected
Number of non-functional smartphones collected


Can Cyber CleanUps be organised outside France, Switzerland and Belgium?

The listing of Cyber CleanUps on the website is limited to events organised in these 3 countries only. However, anyone can create an account and have access to the resources. For other countries, we invite you to contact the Digital World Cleanup Day.