Cyber World CleanUp Day

Cyber World CleanUp Day (Cyber WCUD) is a global day of awareness raising on the environmental footprint of digital technology. The objective of Cyber WCUD is to create the conditions for a global awareness of the environmental impact by deploying a sustainable IT awareness-raising action, federating, friendly and making it possible to take the first concrete step: from one hand by cleaning the data and on the other hand giving a second life to our digital equipment. This operation takes place on the third Saturday of March each year. Individuals, associations, schools, local authorities, companies, join the movement!

Cyber World CleanUp Day is an initiative from Kevin Guerin that began in 2019. How can each user be able to act concretely on their digital environmental footprint regardless of their technical level in digital technology? By cleaning up its data!

Inspired by World Cleanup Day, Kevin brought together the technical expertise of the Institut du Numérique Responsable and the mobilization expertise of World Cleanup Day – France to make as many people as possible aware of Sustainable IT issues through action. The first edition took place in 2020.

Reason for existence


Our Mission

Mobilising to create a collective momentum

The Cyber World CleanUp Day aims at gathering at least 3.5 million citizens, i.e. 5% of the world population, on thousands of virtual clean-up sites in France.

This movement belongs to all of us. Our role is to promote this day as festive, positive, educational, a way of seeing things differently to understand how to take care of our digital equipment to extend its life and do something for the Planet.

Raising awareness of the environmental footprint of digital technologies

Cyber World Clean Up Day aims to raise awareness of the growing environmental impact of digital technology.
Files that are no longer usable or obsolete on our equipment take up disk space.

If they consume energy unnecessarily, they also and above all lead to a faster renewal of our equipment or the purchase of new equipment to store more.

This rebound effect of storage is particularly impactful for the planet.

Preserving the Planet

For several years now, global digital traffic has been growing rapidly and the amount of data passing through networks is exponential.

To preserve the planet, we need to better understand how to take care of our equipment.

Involving all stakeholders

Because we are all concerned by the degradation of our environment, we invite all actors: schools, associations, companies, communities, citizens to act by participating in the Cyber World CleanUp Day.

Co-sponsoring associations in France

Cyber World CleanUp Day (CyberWCUD) is co-sponsored by World Cleanup Day – France (WCD) and Institut du Numérique Responsable (INR) so each association brings its expertise to the program.

World Cleanup Day – France

The association World Cleanup Day – France was founded in March 2017 by a group of citizens to promote World Cleanup Day on our territory. It is accredited by the Let’s Do It! movement as well as by a brand license. That’s it!

World Cleanup Day is a global movement, launched by the non-profit Let’s Do It Fundation, which aims to fight litter pollution through citizen clean-ups. Let’s Do It! World is an accredited member of the United Nations Environment Programme. For the past few years, all national clean-ups have taken place on the same date, the third weekend in September.

Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT / INR)

The Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT / INR) is a think tank created in 2018 and aims to be a place of reflection on the three key issues of Sustainable IT: reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology and its other negative impacts from both a social and economic point of view, the capacity of digital technology to reduce humanity’s environmental footprint and to solve many societal and economic problems, and the creation of sustainable value and responsible innovation via digital technology in order to achieve e-inclusion for all.


Co-sponsoring organisations around the world

Carried out by France internationally through the Let’s Do It World NGO, the Cyber World CleanUp Day is now global under the name Digital Cleanup Day.

Let’s Do It World

Let’s do it World is based in Estonia. It federates and coordinates the organisations in each country that promote the day.

Let's Do It

The Belgian and Swiss Institutes for Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT is now international with the Belgian and Swiss Institutes for Sustainable IT, joining the initiative for this 3rd edition !